The Best Bluetooth Speakers To Take Outdoor

there was a time when people used to pick up their stereo boxes with batteries to take the music outside. Thanks to recent development in the technology industry now everything media related is on your slim and smart mobile phones.

But these smartphones do not come with the sound quality that can be loud on the beaches to fight the sound of waves. So here comes the Bluetooth portable speakers, yes they are the solution. you can charge them and take wherever you can, thanks to their low weight. these portable speakers come equipped Bluetooth technology. It’s based on radio waves and helps to transfer data between two devices. so you can connect your smartphones with the help of Bluetooth to these speakers and whatever you’ll play on the mobile phone will sound on speakers like a charm.

These days, in this competitive market, there are tons of options in Bluetooth speakers to select. All these brands are filling the market with new models and new speakers every day to sell more their products and profit.

We must say, most of them don’t pay much attention to user satisfaction and does not price them well for the customers. It’s very difficult these days to filter bad sheep from the market because they present their products with very promising words on the advertisement board but when you open the box you find shitty products.

So its a fact, finding out a good Bluetooth speaker from the market to buy for yourself is not an easy task.

we have tested the products and found out three best Bluetooth speaker which are portable to carry in your backpack and are very high quality.

  1. UE BOOM 3

the number one speaker that comes to our list is UE Boom 3, we can say that you can buy this speaker with an eye closed. now the question is why we think this. let’s dive in a few technological benefits that are provided by this wireless speaker. First of all, the most important thing outdoor is the battery. how long this bluetooth speaker can stay entertaining you outside. it can provide you 15 hours of battery which is quite enough for any outdoor trip I think. otherwise, you can buy a power bank along with it to extend this time.

UE Boom 3 comes equipped with two drivers and 3 passive radiators which provide very impressive sound.  its wireless range is around 30 feet, you can keep this speaker paired with your phone even if you are away from it 30 feet, we think that’s an impressive range.

UE Boom 3 is waterproof as well as dustproof due to its rugged body, so it’s okay even if you want to enjoy music near the pool or near the beach because there will be always the risk of water near these places. you won’t need to worry about it because it can face water without getting damaged. you can buy this speaker for around 119 from Amazon which we think is a good price for such kind of speaker.

2. Bose Soundlink Revolve

we are talking about sound products and bose does not come in the list that’s not possible, yes we agree bose is the top brand in sound products and we should say that bose amazed us with their bose soundlink revolve Bluetooth speaker. this speaker weighs around 1.5 pounds which is quite lightweight and comes with up to 12 hours of battery. its wireless range is also 30 and it does not come with waterproofing that’s a negative point from this brand. but we must say in terms of sound quality this one wins the race even this one does not come with waterproofing and rugged design.

3 JBL Charge 4

Another option that we think is the best one to buy is JBL Charge 4. JBL is known as a good brand in terms of sound quality products. This one is a little heavier but we still can say its lightweight as it comes with 2.12 pound of weight. battery life is better than the other two products as it can serve you for 20 hours in a single charge. wireless range is the same as 30 feet. and yes it does also comes with waterproofing.


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